Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Mixed Bag

I know its been a while since our last post so this will be a mixed bag of pictures and updates.

Justin getting his "kid on"

Ethan Turned seven and wanted to go to Boondocks

Dad and Kayla getting the best of mom with the water gun as she takes a picture. She got soaked and Kayla thought it was hilarious

Ethan and Haley plundering the lute they earned while playing for tickets in the arcade

Misty and grandma with the kids waiting for the go carts.

Grandpa's little princess. Kayla always finds grandpa

Kayla in the kid play area. She did great until she got up inside and then she would get scared and cry and dad had to crawl his way through the playground maze to get her. Then she would do it again.

Kyle's new found passion of wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

The kids waiting their turn before TUBE WARS

Haley waiting for her ride on the first day of school

Ethan waiting for his ride on the first day of school

Haley's version of a lemonaide stand. Haley came to us to ask how to spell "who wants a makeover." I asked her why and she said she wanted to set up a booth out front and give everyone in the neighborhood a makeover. So we made the sign and luckly Haley and Kayla were the only makeovers that day

Kyle and Eric on a road trip to Husky Stadium in Seattle-BYU 28 UW 27

Kyle had on the field passes to the UCLA vs BYU game and had a blast. BYU 59 UCLA 0

Bronco Mendenhall and Max Hall coming out of the tunnel


Ann Harris said...

Thanks for the update!! Fun pics you guys!! Your family is gorgeous. Those Marshall genes are pretty smokin'!!

Marisa said...

Wow, on the field passes! What an amazing game, Carson flew in for it but I had to stay home with the kids. We all went to the game at Husky stadium, that was intense! Your kids are adorable and they're getting SO big!

Deon said...

Oh I've been waiting and waiting to see new stuff here! What a great family. Love to you and Misty!! We miss you - we are in and out of Utah all the time, so tell "Mist" to email me.

Chantell and Brock said...

Man! I am sure glad you posted some BYU pictures! Hehe! Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome reccommend you gave me! It means alot! Thanks for everything! You have be the best to work for! Take care, see you in November when we come home to visit!